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The oldest 100 active geocaches

100 Oldest Active Geocaches

We've collected a list of the currently active, oldest geocaches from around the world. This list is correct as at January 2014, but doesn't change very often. Local cachers tend to work quite hard to keep their 'oldest' caches active!

Note that the name of the caches is the current name, and may have changed since it was originally hidden, and also, note that the dates are in the format DD/MM/YY

The caches listed below are listed in order of date hidden. You'll see that the GC codes are a bit out of order, especially early on. This is because the early caches were hidden before the site existed, so they were posted retrospectively and not necessarily in the same order they were hidden. If there are any corrections that need to be made, please let us know.

2GC1212/5/00OregonGC12 5/12/2000
4GC3E18/5/00NSW, AustraliaLane Cove
5GC4626/5/00New ZealandGeocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington)
6GC3926/5/00New YorkThe Spot
8GC1D3/6/00 GeorgiaBeaver Cache (the beavers have moved on)
9GC433/6/00IrelandEurope's First
10GC164/6/00OregonGC16 6/4/2000
11GC1E11/6/00GeorgiaTour of Stone Mountain
12GC5315/6/00KenyaRift Valley
13GC2517/6/00IdahoCamels Prairie Stash
14GC1220/6/00MissouriMissouri’s First – Watts Mill
16GC2621/6/00IdahoTwo roads
18GC4B25/6/00New ZealandAuckland Stash (Auckland)
19GC1B27/6/00ArkansasGorilla Stash
20GC4128/6/00CanadaCanada's 1st geocache
23GC3516/7/00MichiganPower Island
28GC2116/8/00GeorgiaLake Lanier
29GC3621/8/00MichiganGeocache 612
30GC3B27/8/00UtahPotters Pond
32GC5B10/9/00CaliforniaPhil’s Memorial Cache (Oldest CA. Cache)
33GC5C17/9/00IdahoSouthern Idaho’s First!
35GC6728/9/00ColoradoPaul Barclay Stash
36GC6829/9/00AlaskaCenturion Guards
37GC6A30/9/00DenmarkKippers in the Jungle (Denmark's First)
38GC6E30/9/00AlaskaKids GeoCache
39GC7030/9/00North CarolinaOctopus Garden
40GC7230/9/00FinlandSun Gear
41GC741/10/00 MassachusettsFirst Mass
42GC761/10/00Georgia,Rock Town
43GC772/10/00GermanyFirst Germany
45GC797/10/00WashingtonIron Horse
46GC7A8/10/00VIC,AustraliaMelbourne’s 1st
47GC7B8/10/00ArizonaT824 Table Mesa
48GC7E8/10/00ArizonaLabyrinth Canyon
49GC7C9/10/00UtahBeaver Springs
50GC7D9/10/00MassachusettsLowell, aka Second Mass
51GC809/10/00UtahLittle Creek Stash
52GC8514/10/00MassachussettsCamera Cache
53GC8614/10/00VermontVermont 1
54GC8915/10/00GeorgiaIron Horse
55GC8A15/10/00UtahPony Express
56GC9019/10/00Mississippi,Bonita Lakes
57GC9222/10/00OregonUn-Original Stash
58GC9323/10/00IndianaIndiana’s First
59GC9828/10/00TexasTexas Double
60GC9C27/10/00CaliforniaRabbit Eye View
61GC9B28/10/00UtahClover Spring Stash
62GC9E29/10/00New HampshireNH#1 Mines Follies
63GCA030/10/00CaliforniaCreekside Stash
64GCA131/10/00TexasA Walk in the Park
65GCA54/11/00OregonHembre Ridge
66GCA84/11/00UtahWah Wah Stash
67GCA64/11/00CanadaStrathcona Wilderness 1
68GCAB8/11/00CaliforniaOrange County Stash
69GCAD11/11/00VIC,AustraliaDevil Bend
70GCAF11/11/00New ZealandMount Cargill
71GCB011/11/00New ZealandFlagstaff Hill
72GCAE12/11/00New YorkSleepy Hollow 1
73GCB112/11/00New ZealandUnity Park
74GCB212/11/00New ZealandBotanical Gardens
75GCBF19/11/00New YorkBoston Cache
76GCBE20/11/00New YorkTurkey Cache
77GCC224/11/00CaliforniaAzucar Mine Offset
78GCC625/11/00IndianaTurkey Run Stash
79GCC825/11/00New JerseygerbiL cacHe
80GCF725/11/00NSW, AustraliaAustralia’s Used-To-Be Highest
81GCC928/11/00TexasNo Walk in The Park
82GCD22/12/00CaliforniaDoggie Do
83GCD62/12/00CaliforniaBorn Free
84GCD43/12/00CaliforniaBovine Hill Stash
86GCE010/12/00MassachussetsAldo’s Andover Geocache
87GCE411/12/00ConnecticutAnother Brick In the Wall
88GCE612/12/00MassachussettsWillow Brook Wander
89GCF015/12/00ScotlandScotland’s First
90GCEC16/12/00Rhode IslandBrenton Point
91GCED17/12/00ArizonaSenda de Tonto
92GCEF17/12/00TexasCenTex Prime
93GCF117/12/00NSW, AustraliaFrying Pan
94GCF219/12/00MassachussettsThe Silver Lake Stash
95GCF424/12/00 South CarolinaModoc Stash
96GCFA25/12/00 FloridaChristmas Cache
98GCFE27/12/00ArizonaDiablo Point Cache
99GCFF27/12/00PennyslvaniaStone Wall Stash
100GC10127/12/00New YorkHudson’s Folly