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4WD Geocaching

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4WD Geocaching and offroading seem to go together hand in hand. We're keen 4WD'ers as well as geocachers, and almost exclusively use the 4WD as our vehicle of choice when we go out caching. I couldn't guess how many times we'd been glad of the high clearance, big tyres, or less than pristine bodywork when heading down an unsealed road or track to find the GZ! If you're ever buying a used 2WD car, and you see a Geocaching sticker on it, don't buy it! The chances are it's seen more dirt tracks than your average Toorak Tractor! It's a branch of the hobby that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, and hunting around for resources, there aren't many. The Geocaching Australia forums have an 'Offroad Geocaching' section, but it doesn't generate a lot of traffic, and most of the posts are about vehicles, rather than caching. Groundspeak have an 'off-road vehicles allowed/not allowed' attribute for cache owners to mark their caches with, but I can't help wondering if it would be more useful if it flagged 'off-road vehicles required/not required' instead. I'd love to see some more resources for offroad caching, and maybe it's something the community can start to build up. We've come across a (public) bookmark list from the cacher 'The Mountain Goat' who posted a list of caches, organised in a driving route around the NSW South Coast. This is a great idea, and reminds me of the 4WD track books, listing waypoints along a 4WD route.  

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