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Deadly caching

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Geocaching Danger Sign How much thought do you give to a cache location or type when you're placing it? Hopefully we're all smart enough to avoid hiding a cache on or near railway lines, too close to a road junction or in any other blatantly dangerous place, but how many other ways do we put cache hunters at risk? At times it's easy to fall into the trap of only considering the actual location of the cache, and forgetting that by hiding a container in a particular area, you're encouraging the cache hunters to look in all sorts of areas around the cache. There's also the risk that by using certain types of containers, we are conditioning cachers (especially children) to look in those sort of places in the future. Fortunately in Australia, we don't see too many of the notorious 'lamp post caches' that are so prevalent in the US. By sheer volume of caches hidden, I'd imagine that a whole generation of caching children have been brought up to think that it's OK to lift inspection plates or skirts on light poles, or electrical poles. On the face of it, that's a pretty dangerous habit to get into! It's not uncommon for those sort of installations to have wiring faults, and for parts of the enclosures to be carrying live current that shouldn't. Just something to keep in mind the next time you're placing a cache.

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  • Most people don;t understand electricity at the best of times – the last thing you want to do is coax them to stick their fingers in the wrong place!

    Different people have different ideas of what’s safe. Once of my caches is at a roadside on a minor “C” road wih minimal traffic. The cache is well back from the road edge, but requires you to park on the grass shoulder.

    A cacher who logged the find noted that he felt it was seriously dangerous… but when I placed the cache I felt no such issues.

    Sometimes common sense must play a part. If you don’t feel it’s safe – don’t attempt the find. You are responsible for your own actions and your own safety.

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