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Feb 29th

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Feb 29th Calendar It's not too long until Wednesday February 29th, which is an important day for geocachers. Why is it important? It's important because it's a once in four year opportunity to grab a cache on that date. That might not seem particularly significant, until you think about the 365 day challenge (or a variant of) where you have to collect a cache on every day in the calendar year. If you're already doing this challenge, or think you might in the next year or two, or perhaps you just like the idea of filling in all the little squares on that section of your profile page - make sure you set yourself a reminder to grab a cache on that date. Personally, we're a looong way from completing that particular challenge, but I'm definitely going to grab a cache on the 29th, just to be on the safe side. Besides, I hear will be giving profile souvenirs for anyone who logs a find on that date. P.S. If you're logging a find on a smartphone, just make sure it logs with the correct date. I've found that often when logging finds via the iPhone app, it logs using the date/time in the US, not local time, so it logs as the day before.  

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  • Got it in my calendar with an alert! I’m not waiting another 4 years!

    mvyrmnd on

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