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Geocaching podcasts

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Podcast logo Podcasts are a great resource for people who have an iPod, iPhone or any other MP3 player. There are dozens of Geocaching related podcasts, and I thought we'd mention a few of the most relevant here. The most popular and well known Geocaching podcast is 'Podcacher' - a weekly podcast created by Sonny and Sandy from Southern California. They have been broadcasting since 2005, and have a large following around the world. Their show is definitely worth a listen - it's family friendly and covers all aspects of caching. The most popular local podcast is 'GeoTalk' - an Australian based podcast produced (approximately) monthly by Darren (Spindoc Bob) and tailored to Australian and New Zealand audiences. Another popular podcast is 'Cache-a-maniacs' - another American show, this one primarily based around interviewing cachers. The last podcast on our featured list is 'Cachers of the round table'. At the time of writing this post, their website was down, but you can search for the podcast on iTunes. They provide a monthly show with a guest panel segment, reviewing their favourite gadget, application or equipment. A more comprehensive list of caching podcasts can be found at the Geocaching Online website.

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