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iOS v5.0 released today

Posted by 27745274 on

iOS 5 reminders Apple's latest version of their mobile operating system, iOS 5 was released to consumers today, and the internet is probably grinding to a halt around the world, as every iPhone and iPad owner downloads the update. There are lots of new features in this release, and as an Apple developer, I've been testing them for a couple of months now. An interesting application that may be of interest to geocachers is the new Reminders application that Apple have released alongside the OS. There are lots of Reminder apps in the App Store already, but what makes this one a little bit special, is the ability to set location based reminders.  That means you can set a reminder that will alert you when you're in a certain place , either when you arrive, or when you leave. It only struck me today, that I could use that functionality to remind me if I was near any caches that I hadn't collected yet.  

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  • I wonder if there’s an API available for the location based reminder system.

    The Geocaching App could be set to alert you whenever you were within 100/500m of a cache so that whever your are, you’ll never miss a caching opportunity!

    mvyrmnd on
  • There’s an API available for iCloud, and that’s where the Reminder service backs up to, so I guess it’s possible. It’d need Groundspeak to add the code to their app, and it’s probably too much work for a small piece of functionality. I’m also unsure as to whether Apple would let apps access data ‘belonging’ to other apps.

    Something else I’d love to see is the Groundspeak app allowing you to link out from caches to other apps. For example, to launch the TomTom app, to navigate on the drive to GZ before switching back to the Groundspeak app to find the cache

    101geo on
  • The Geocaching App uses Bing maps or Google maps for its display. Surely it can access the route-finding functionality of Google Maps within the Geocaching App? Then you woudn’t even need to leave the Geocaching App to navigate.

    I agree with the sentiment though – It’s a pain in the proverbial to find a cache then have to work out the closest street address to be able to use turn-by-turn navigation to get close to GZ.

    There has to be a better way!

    mvyrmnd on

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