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iPhone 4S for caching?

Posted by 27745274 on

I'm sure there are many of us who started their caching experience using an iPhone, before upgrading to a 'proper' GPSr. I know there are lots of cachers who still use an iPhone as a supplemental device, when caching on the run. Most people eventually find that the GPS abilities of the iPhone just aren't accurate enough for any serious caching, and can be a real problem if you're trying to use one to place a cache. There was an interesting update to the iPhone specifications recently that might change all that. Where previous models used 'Assisted GPS', the new iPhone 4S boasts 'Assisted GPS and GLONASS'. The latter is a Russian system of navigation that now features global coverage with a 24 satellite system. If the iPhone can now combine data from the two systems, it may be able to locate its position with a far higher degree of accuracy. Watch this space, and we'll add updates as they become available.

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  • Hmmm, the GLONASS functionality is exciting. And combine that with the Yank GPS, the European Galileo, the Chinese and the Indian systems yet to come online and the future for geocaching looks rosey. Just think, in the future we’re going to be complaining if the co-ords are out by a foot…

    andrew mcphee on
  • We originally started caching with an iPhone 3, and it just wasn’t good enough, especially for newbies, when you didn’t have much ‘cacher-sense’ to rely on. We upgraded to a Garmin Colorado after realising we were likely to keep playing the game. The iPhone 4 was far better, and with the compass being introduced somewhere along the way, definitely stepped up.

    I’ve run some basic tests with the 4S, and the GPS apps don’t seem to report a better accuracy than 5m, but that could be because the hardware wasn’t previously capable of better, and the apps need to be updated to ‘catch up’. I’ll try some geocaching with it, and see how it goes. It certainly seems to get a lock much more quickly, not sure if that’s down to an improved GPS chipset, the GLONASS functionality, or just a faster processor.

    101geo on
  • I hadn’t spotted the GLONASS bit in the 4S specs… I’m very excited!

    I’ll be getting a 4S in a few months. I’ll let you know.

    I did my first 250 caches with only an iPhone 4. It’s plenty good enough. It’s accurate to 5M. My Garmin eTrex H is good to 3M. In the scheme of things, that’s pretty good.

    mvyrmnd on

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