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Nanos - love them or hate them?

Posted by 27745274 on

The nano seems to be a cache variety that splits the caching community down the middle. Some cachers hate them with a passion, others love both Black nano cache containerhiding and finding them. If you're a new cacher, you might not have come across many of them, especially if you don't cache in urban areas, where they seem to be more prevalent. They're usually small, metal, magnetic containers about the size of your pinky nail. They come in a variety of colours, and are very difficult to find, mainly due to their size. They are ideal for hiding in urban areas, where it's impossible to hide large containers. The log can be difficult to retrieve due to its size, and the fact that it needs to be so tightly rolled to fit (although there is a handy tool for that!). They demand a certain level of maintenance, as the log fills up quickly, so if the cache owner is less than diligent, you tend to come across full logs, and you have to scrabble for a spot to scratch your initials in. The cheaper models have a nasty habit of letting their magnets drop off, and there's nothing worse than retrieving a cache, only to find yourself unable to replace it, because it's no longer magnetic! Personally, I don't mind them, and I enjoy the challenge of finding them in urban environments. I wish Groundspeak would introduce a specific size attribute for them, as there can be a significant difference between a micro (the smallest size indicator available) and a nano. If cache owners could flag the cache as a nano, then the nano-haters could at least filter them out! Any thoughts? If you want to hide a nano, check out the nano cache containers on the 101geo store

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  • I don’t mind the nano so much, but it does need special care. We once could not log and cache properly as they person before us had pushed it too far back and it was impossible to retrieve. It was 100% stuck.
    At the same time we have found most of them to be pretty decent. So please if you find a nano, do keep in mind those that come after you as well.

    Elaine on
  • I hate this little cache containers. There is no space in the logbook to write down your impressions – and most of the time it is even full.
    If there is no spot to hide a real container be creative.

    lbgruhrgebiet on
  • @Elaine: That’s not a problem exclusive to nanos!

    I love hiding them, I’m partial to finding them :)

    mvyrmnd on

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