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The Oldest Geocaches

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For some cachers, it's all about the numbers, and part of the appeal for many is collecting 'old' caches. Below is a link to a table showing the first one hundred caches listed around the world The World's Oldest 100 Geocaches. So, which are the oldest Australian/New Zealand caches, and are they still active? The oldest listed AU/NZ cache is GC3E, the "Lane Cove" cache, near Sydney. It's now a virtual cache, rather than the original physical cache, but still a great spot to visit for the history. It was listed just two weeks after the original 'stash' in Oregon. The next oldest surviving cache is GC46, "Geocache by Kevin Anderson", in the North Island, New Zealand. It's a traditional cache, and was originally posted eight days after the Lane Cove cache. The next two oldest surviving caches down under are  - GC4B  - "Auckland Stash", Auckland, New Zealand GC7A - "Melbourne's 1st", Melbourne, Australia GC52, "R&R 1" is still listed on the 100 page as being active, but was 'temporarily' archived in 2005.

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  • There’s something appealing about getting these old caches, isn’t there? I think one of the things that fascinates me, is that they won’t be around forever, so it’s nice to visit them while they’re still active. The oldest cache I’ve found personally, is Beverly (GC28), currently the third oldest active cache, and the 10th oldest cache ever. It’s near Chicago, Illinois, and is kept alive by a dedicated band of local cachers. Most of the old log books are still in the cache, and it’s amazing to look back through them.

    101geo on
  • Thanks for posting this. If it wasn’t for you I’d have driven home on the weekend without logging “Melbourne’s 1st”.

    mvyrmnd on
  • Thanks Bill, yes, the original page I linked to seems to have disappeared. I’ve built up my own list and hosted it on our store site, so it’ll be there permanently. I’ve updated the link in the original post accordingly.

    101geo on
  • The 100 link is broken??

    Bill on
  • I have fond memories of logging GC7A “Melbourne’s 1st” on Christmas Eve 2009 as my son and I were heading down to Melbourne. We’d only started caching a couple of months earlier and were full of the spirit. It was well worth the detour off the highway.

    andrew mcphee on

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