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Urban vs bush caching

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Melbourne CBDThere are two very distinct styles of caching - urban and bush/country/remote caching. They present completely different challenges, not just in finding the caches, but in planning and hiding them. Participants often have a clear preference in the style they prefer. The environment and prevalence of 'muggles' are the two most significant factors that come into play. In an urban environment, the 'natural cover' is of a completely different variety, and containers tend to be smaller (far higher prevalence of nanos and micros) and are often magnetically attached. In the bush environment, containers are more likely to be larger, and it's out in the country that you're more likely to come across containers like the ammo can. In the bush you will have the option of trees, hollows in the ground, stumps, rock holes etc, as places to hide your cache, and plenty of leaves, bark and stones to help disguise your hide. (Don't forget that it's against the rules to dig a hole to bury a cache, even if it's tempting) The lack of muggles when remote caching make it more relaxing to hunt for the cache without having to worry about being seen, and revealing the location of the hide to muggles. In the towns and cities, the muggles often present the greatest element of challenge to the cache, and can frustrate your efforts to locate a well hidden cache. Night time caching in the urban environment is often more productive. Personally, I prefer bush caching. I get more exercise, I enjoy the fresh air, and I prefer being able to hunt for the cache without being disturbed. Having said that, there are some great urban caches out there, and when you get a chance to find one that's been cleverly constructed and well hidden in its environment, it can be satisfying to achieve the smiley. Which type do you prefer?

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  • I’m not much of a puzzle person. The Sunday crossword can go and solve itself!

    I much prefer a cache that’s hard to get to, but easy to find than one that’s easy to get to but hard to find.

    I’d also make the point that I have thoroughly enjoyed a few urban caches, but give me the bush any day!

    Mvyrmnd on

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