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Welcome to the 101geo blog! One of the great things about the geocaching community is exactly that - the community. When you speak to cachers who have been to events and ask them what they enjoyed about the event, 99% of the answers have something to do with meeting other cachers, talking about caching, or getting tips and tricks from other participants. Very few actually mention the caches as one of the benefits of the event. We've already got a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, but we wanted to start a blog to continue to engender the feeling of community. We're not building this to be a commercial blog, although we'll happily link to the store, and may make the occasional product mention, we'll let our other channels promote the store, and use this blog as part of our efforts to be an active part of the geocaching community. We hope you get something out of the blog, and feel comfortable to participate as well. Thanks Alan 101geo

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