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What makes a good cache?

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What makes a good cache? In this case, we're not talking about the location, description, puzzle etc, but the actual cache itself. Here are some tips to hiding a great cache, that will keep your finders happy. Container - the cache container should be a good quality container, suitable for the conditions, an appropriate size (general rule is to hide as large a container as you can. If the spot will allow you to hide an ammo can, hide one!), likely to last in the environment (e.g. mint containers are not waterproof!) If the cache container will allow you to, it's a good idea to label the outside of the container with something to indicate it's a geocache, and include the cache number. Groundspeak produce special cache labels, in various sizes, specifically for this purpose, or just use a texta and label the container yourself. Of course, this doesn't apply for nanos! Log - Use a good quality log. Groundspeak produce their own logbooks that are nicely bound, printed on Rite-in-the-Rain waterproof paper, and have a handy etiquette guide on the back. You don't have to use the Groundspeak logs of course, but if you use a basic notebook, make it as large as will fit the container (more space for logs, less maintenance visits!), label the log with the cache GC code, and put the log and pen in a waterproof bag. It's a great idea to include a pen or pencil if the cache container is large enough. Not everyone comes well prepared! Swag - Not everyone swaps swag, but it's a key part of the game for anyone who caches with children, and it's nice to launch a cache with a few good quality swaps, and perhaps a nice item or swag to reward the First to Finder. If your cache has a theme, it's worth putting in related swag when you send it live. Stash Note - These are an important item to include in your cache - hopefully if your cache gets muggled, the short note explaining what it is will ensure that it's left in place and not trashed. They're also a great way of introducing others to the sport. Ideally these should be the right size for the cache, and laminated to survive the elements. If possible, glue them to the inside of the lid.

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