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Travel Bugs are items that can be tracked, and are designed to be sent out into the world, and moved from cache to cache by other geocachers. You can follow their travels on, and check out the caches they are visiting. The travel bugs or tags can be attached to other items (e.g. toys), or can be sent on their own. Alternatively, you can keep and collect them. Some geocachers attach a trackable patch or badge to their caching bag, and use it to track their own mileage. You can even get stickers to turn your vehicle into a giant travel bug! To choose a travel bug. browse the selection below, or click the links to see the Cachekinz series, the Cache Buddy series or the Travelling Zodiac Tags.

Before you can use your new trackable, you need to activate it. For an explanation on how to do that, and how to get your activation code, read our page on activating your trackable.