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101geo Cache Opener

  • $2.68

Our anodized aluminum container opener is available in multiple colors (or camo). Whether it's the frozen ammocan on a frigid autumn morning or a rusted container lid that is holding that cache closed this simple tool can give you just that little bit of leverage you need to carefully open a cache. The extra wide mouth gives more strength with better surface coverage and makes it less likely to damage a cache than prying with a multi-tool, rock, etc.

No more cracked finger nails for the ladies and it's always handy for that last, ahem, "cache" of the day when you're sitting around a fire reminiscing over the caches of days gone by.

Make your mark with a signature item that is beautiful, unique and functional. Engraved with the 101geo logo.

Quality polished aluminum construction and multiple anodized colors combined with a great price equals a perfect solution. Also great for swag, or first to find prizes.

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