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13000 Finds Geo-Achievement™ Award Set for geocaching

13000 Finds Geo-Achievement™ Award Set

  • $16.32

The Geo-Achievement™ Geocoin Award makes an ideal present for yourself, or a gift for your geocaching friend who has reached their first major milestone, and has logged 13,000 geocache finds. We suspect that most cachers will keep a coin like this in their collection, but it's trackable so that you can let others discover it, or send it out into the wild if you really want to!

The pack comes as a set including the geocoin and a matching lapel pin. Both are finished in 24k polished gold. 13,000 finds is a very special milestone, and the coin has a special design to match. Wear your pin at the next geocaching event and show off your achievements!

There is space on the rear of the coin to engrave the cache name or number of the milestone, or your caching team name.

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