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Compass Rose Geocoin - Kilimanjaro

Compass Rose Geocoin - Kilimanjaro

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Every year, a new series of Compass Rose themed geocoins has been produced by one of the major coin manufacturers. They have become much sought after items, with detailed designs and carefully thought out colours and 3D elements. This years Compass Rose Geocoin® was released in January 2013, and maintains that tradition, with a series of designs that celebrate navigation, in particular, navigation around the continent of Africa. The African continent makes up almost 25% of the Earth's land mass, and has presented a challenge to sea borne navigators for centuries.

On the front of each coin in the series shows a compass rose, based on a design from a map of Africa from the 16th Century. Each of the points has an image of one of the amazing animals that call Africa home - a lion, an elephant, a Great White Shark, and a Wildebeest. The rear of the coin features a scene that captures the famous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman and two terrified sailors.

This coin, the Kilimanjaro coin, represents Africa's great peak and has been minted with warm yellows and golds depicting the African sunrise.

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