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Nano vial container (Silver)

Nano vial container (Silver)

  • $1.77

These are an updated version of our plain nano vial containers, but these ones are painted silver, have a magnet fitted, and include a log. These small vial containers made of plastic, make great micro/nano cache containers. The vial is fitted with a threaded lid, and measures approximately 2cm by 1cm. Made of a high quality plastic resin, they stand extreme high and low temperatures. They are durable and tough.
Please note: The paint job on these vials is not up to our high standards, but rather than shipping them all back overseas to the supplier, we are selling them as 'factory seconds'. They are still perfectly usable, seal properly, and have magnets, it's just that there are blemishes on the paint. We are selling them at the same price as the unpainted, non-magnetised versions, so if you don't mind that the paint is a bit rough, these make an absolute bargain!

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