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Rare Earth Magnet Sample Pack (Small)

Rare Earth Magnet Sample Pack (Small)

  • $15.41

This is a sample pack of 'rare earth' magnets, made of Neodymium Iron Boron. The pack is ideal if you are planning on making your own cache containers, and lets you try out a range of magnet sizes and strengths until you find the one that is perfect. The pack includes 32 rare earth magnets:

4 x Dia 3 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 246g)
4 x Dia 4.75 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 370g)
4 x Dia 6 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 467g)
4 x Dia 6 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 934g)
4 x Dia 8 x 5mm Disc (Pull Strength 2.1kg)
4 x Dia 10 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 780g)
4 x Dia 10 x 3mm Disc (Pull Strength 1.5kg)
4 x Dia 12 x 1.5mm Disc (Pull Strength 934g)

For safety and care information, please read the Extended Information tab.

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