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Urban Camo Munzee Sticker Sheets (10 pack CCTV)

Urban Camo Munzee Sticker Sheets (10 pack CCTV)

  • $3.64

These urban camo Munzee sticker sheets are produced in a high quality vinyl, and topped with a weatherproof laminate layer. Featuring a special design, they won't look out of place in the urban environment. This version features a CCTV warning sign - the sort of sticker you'd see anywhere in a built up area.

They are sold in sheets of 10, with discounts available for bulk purchases (Click the blue 'View Quantity Discounts' button for details) Each Munzee sticker is generic, so it's not tied to a specific account. You can use them yourself, or give them to friends.

For instructions on how to use a 'generic' to replace an existing Munzee, click here.

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